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LVD  introduces DynaPress

LVD Company nv introduces DynaPress, a compact, portable, high-speed electric press brake for cost-efficient bending of small parts. Rapid acceleration and deceleration of the electrical servo-driven ram delivers bending speeds up to 25 mm per seconds to handle maximum bend lengths up to 835 mm and 12 ton bending force. The electric ram drive minimizes power consumption for power Compact and portable with a footprint of 1235 x 1092 mm, DynaPress saves on valuable floor space and can be conveniently relocated using a standard forklift. Its ergonomic design allows the operator to stand or sit while bending parts. DynaPress features a self-leveling base and adjustable height foot pedals for comfortable operation. Three CNC controlled axes (X, Y, R) provide versatility. A graphical icon-driven touch screen control is easy and intuitive to use making DynaPress easy to operate for users of varying experience levels.

LVD Easyform description and demo

Easy-Form® precision press brakes are based upon LVD's enormously successful PPEB Series equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronics and are offered in multi-axis configurations to suit a broad range of bending applications.

From Art to part

CADMAN-B offers a simulation environment that visualizes the complete bend process with start to finish collision detection, as well as all gauge positions and tool setups. This comprehensive simulation tool is open to all operator’s fine tuning inputs

LVD IMPULS 6530 & 12530

Profile Cutting Service, from New Zealand tells us about their recent purchase- an Impuls laser cutting machine from LVD and GWB Machine Tools. LVD IMPULS GWB Machine Tools offers a comprehensive range of cutting systems, whether you need a cost-effective machine or a more sophisticated automated solution. LVD IMPULS is POWERFUL LASER CUTTING FOR HEAVY-DUTY APPLICATIONS

LVD Toolcell

LVD’s ToolCell makes bending easier and more productive for any application using revolutionary bending automation technology that minimizes setups, is fast, easy to use and highly reliable. ToolCell is a press brake with an integrated automated tool changing system. Storage of a library of top and bottom tooling is housed within a “tooling stadium” located behind the machine’s backgauge unit. An innovative gripper design built into the machine’s backgauge finger allows the backgauge to serve as the tool changer mechanism.